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Cross Training - Your Cardiovascular Health

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Taking Charge of Your Cardiovascular Fitness

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Implementing and maintaining a regular regimen of cardiovascular activity can improve not only your health, but also your well-being and appearance.

Implementing and maintaining a regular regimen of cardiovascular activity can improve not only your health, but also your well-being and appearance. Register to get access to this article and learn:

  • What cardiovascular workouts do

  • Advantages of cardiovascular exercise

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  • The forms of activities that best suit your body, health conditions, and lifestyle

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:. Updated: February 5, 2007 / Author: Welloria Team

Taking Charge of Your Cardiovascular Fitness

In order to commit to a cardiovascular workout program, you must be acquainted with all the aspects involved in working towards the point of improved immediate and long-term health. Not only must you be aware of the impact working out has on your body and well-being, but you need to know that you must keep track of the frequency, duration, and intensity at which you exercise. With a couple of small calculations and some devotion, you can gain control of your health and fitness.

The Process

While exercising large muscle groups, cardiovascular workouts increase the heart rate over a sustained time period. Also known as aerobic (with oxygen) exercise,
they strengthen the heart and lungs by producing a demand for more oxygen. As a response, the rate of respiration (breathing) increases as the lungs take in more oxygen. Thus, the heart beats faster, as it pumps more blood and transfers the oxygen in the blood to the body through the blood vessels. Consequently, the performance of the heart and lungs improve, and life expectancy increases.

Various forms of activities, inc... Sign-up Above to Read More!

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