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Rock Climbing Adventures Guide!

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Rock Climbing Adventures Guide

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Whether you've never rock climbed before or you're a pro climber, this rock climbing guide has the information you need:

  • Climbing Classifications - different climbs for different people

  • Types of climbing - traditional, sport, free solo, ice, bouldering, indoor climbing

  • Choosing the best clothes and equipment for your climb

  • How to prepare your body for your next climb

  • Preparing for hazards and accidents

  • Key things to do before climbing

  • This Complete Guide to Rock Climbing  has all this and more! Request your free copy below.

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:. Published: August 2, 2004 / Author: Welloria Team

Rock Climbing: To the Top of the World!

Imagine climbing a vertical wall of sandstone, searching for the best possible route to the summit - 15,000 feet up. You inspect the face of the rock for features such as cracks or overhangs that will enable your ascent; then using hands and
fingers to hold and balance yourself, you inch upwards. The rock face eventually becomes too smooth to climb unassisted, so you hammer artificial weight bearing equipment into the sandstone, removing it as you proceed.

During your trek upward, you are constantly vigilant to safety, traveling with a partner and using ropes to reduce your risk of injury. In spite of this, you are ever aware of the potential danger of avalanches, altitude sickness, rock fall, moving ice forms, and exposure to the elements.

At last, after two grueling days, you reach the top.

Sound exciting? Passion for climbing requires an understanding of the risks involved and a willingness to face them. Some studies estimate that as many as 75 percent of those who regularly climb sustain some type of injury at some point during their climbing career.

For the Love of Climbing

For those who love climbing, there is great personal satisfaction. Rock climbing in... Sign-up Above to Read More!


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