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Trends - Sudoku Puzzles and Games

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Sudoku: Your Daily Brain Workout!

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The classic crossword puzzle been replaced in the hearts of many loyal puzzlers by a genius of a simple game that has sparked a worldwide craze.

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Sudoku: Your Daily Brain Workout!

The classic crossword puzzle been replaced in the hearts of many loyal puzzlers by a genius of a simple game that has sparked a worldwide craze. Sudoku lovers can be spotted feverishly working at this brain-teasing diversion while waiting at the doctor’s office, at the airport, or riding the subway. You may even know a Sudoku maniac who spends hours every day in a mental duel with 81 little squares on a grid.

Not Just for Puzzlers and Number Nerds

Sudoku is a placement puzzle, but unlike a crossword puzzle it requires no knowledge, just logical deduction and a bunch of numbers. It’s not a math challenge either; the numbers are for convenience only and are irrelevant. As you get drawn further into the world of Sudoku, you’ll find the puzzles work just
According to scientific calculations, 
there are 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 
possible solvable Sudoku grids based on 
the regular 9 x 9 pattern.
as well using symbols, letters, shapes or colors.

If you haven’t played it yet, the rules are fairly simple. The basic Sudoku (SUE-dough-coo) puzzle contains 81 cells laid out in nine columns and nine rows in a 9 x 9 square grid. The outline is further divided into 3 x 3 mini-grids, called regions or blocks. Your objective is to... Sign-up Above to Read More!

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Sudoku: Your Daily Brain Workout!
Sudoku: Your Daily
Brain Workout!
Challenge your mind and logical ability... with Sudoku! This seemingly simple numbers game has become the biggest puzzle craze to hit the world since Rubik's Cube. Millions are now hooked, playing Sudoku every chance they get. It may look like a simple game, but as you start playing, you'll uncover its fiercely challenging nature...
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