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    :. Published Friday, March 16, 2018
What's New - Highlights at a Glance
Creating a Dream Bedroom: 12 Simple Steps
More luxury, more comfort... Turn your bedroom into your very own 5-star suite. Click here.
Pineapple: Tropical Candy
An ice-cold juicy piece of fresh pineapple on a hot Summer afternoon... sweet and refreshing! Why is it so good for you? Click here to find out.
Special Features
Canoeing: A Great Adventure
We interviewed three pro canoeists to find out what it takes to have the adventure of a lifetime... Click here to get fitter with canoeing.
Sole Pesto Rolls with Mixed Wild Rice
Tender sole fillets smothered and baked in a rich pesto, on mixed wild rice. Get the recipe.
Watsu: Advanced Relaxation and Beyond
The newest thrill at the world's top spas and health clinics... Click here for the latest.
A Successful Approach
We all have things we'd like to accomplish, but what's the best way to actually get it done? Click here to gain this insight.
New Products at National Geographic
Food Spotlight - Quality
Pineapple: Tropical Candy
Bite into an ice-cold juicy piece of freshly sliced pineapple on a hot Summer afternoon... sweet and refreshing! Did you know that there's something special about what the pineapple can do to protect you from the common cold? And, which variety of pineapple is the tastiest?
Click here to find out all about pineapples.
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Cross Training - Lifetime Fitness
Canoeing: A Great Adventure
Canoeing:  A
Great Adventure
Power paddling through rough whitewaters, you feel the experience of an adventure of a lifetime... Or, as you glide across calm waters listening to the gentle sounds of small waves, you feel inspired and rejuvenated... We sat down with three professional canoeists and talked to them about their personal experiences - from their 'best ever' stories to the battle between canoeing vs. kayaking. Click here to find out they have to say about canoeing.
This is a two-part series... Find out all about selecting the right canoe for you, and more. Click here to go to the second part, Canoeing Right: Equipment, Locations, and Safety.
Trends - New Ideas
Watsu: Advanced
Relaxation and Beyond
Watsu: Advanced
Relaxation and
One of the newest thrills at some of the most exclusive spas around the world, Watsu is quickly gaining popularity. Also referred to as "water Shiatsu", this technique is not only a way for you to relax, but it's also an effective method of healing - both physically and emotionally. It relieves negative stress while increasing flexibility, strength, and overall fitness.
Click here to find out all about Watsu and what it can do for you.
Focus - Knowledge For Power
Creating a Dream Bedroom:
12 Simple Steps for
More Comfort & Luxury
Creating a Dream
Bedroom: 12 Simple
Steps for More Comfort
& Luxury
Is your bedroom your sanctuary or just another room in the house? Welloria members have been sending in feedback about how our article about mattresses helped them significantly improve their sleep... So now we're going a step further with 12 simple ways you can add comfort and luxury to your bedroom for an even better night's sleep! This includes everything from fundamental bedroom design concepts to decorating ideas.
Click here to start creating your dream bedroom.
Your Daily - A Fresh New Start Today
Looking North, from
the City of Vila Nova
de Gaia, is This 
Spectacular Night View
of the Douro River and
the City of Porto, in
Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.

- Dale Carnegie, author (1888-1955)

Grab a pencil and paper. Place a dot on the page and hold your pencil there. Now, draw a line to a point on...
Click here for more.
Eating Well - A Power Recipe
Sole Pesto Rolls with Mixed Wild Rice
Sole Pesto Rolls
with Mixed Wild
Ready for something incredibly delicious? Imagine this... Tender fillets of sole marinated and then smothered in a rich pesto sauce, and then rolled and baked to ultimate gourmet taste! Served on a bed of mixed wild and long-grain rice, the textures and flavors come together as a very unique and savory medley. And that's not all... Each serving has only 301 calories and 5 grams of fat! It's easy and quick to make - you're going to love it!
Click here for the Sole Pesto Rolls with Mixed Wild Rice recipe.

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